Our Pricing

We’re upfront with our cost, so you can confidently make the decision that’s right for you.


Gynaecological Fees

Dr Donald Angstetra participates in  Known Gap cover – capped out-of-pocket expenses for you.

Our Costs
  • Initial visit (104):
    $300  (medicare rebate $78.05) and ultrasound bulk billed if needed
  • Subsequent visit (105):
    $150  (medicare rebate $39.25)
  • Office Gynaecological Procedure (Colposcopy/ IUD insertion/ Vulvoscopy/ Biopsy):
    Bulk billed*
  • Outpatient cervical LLETZ/ Diathermy:
    $600  (medicare rebate $175.90 or $275.25)
  • Surgical fee with valid Private Health Fund:
    The “Maximum out of pocket”  cost for gynaecological surgical services is up to $1000** (or $250 for minor surgical case). Please check with your Health Fund policy’s excess
  • Surgical fee with Self-Fund Package (Self-funding surgery)#:
    If you have not previously contributed to a Private Health Insurance fund you might consider this option. You will receive a portion of the doctors’ fees from Medicare (although not all), and we will assist you to get an accurate written estimate of the Private Hospital and doctors’ charges before you proceed.

* Consultation fee apply

** Not applicable for complex surgery – AMA fee may apply